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免責同意書 / Liability Waiver Form

The New York Sukusuku-kai, Inc. (NYSK) 

7 Taylor Road, Mount Kisco, NY 10549-4504

I attest that I wish to participate the New York Sukusuku-kai (NYSK) sponsored event below.

I understand that it is my personal responsibility and decision to incorporate the information and advice that has been given to me through the NYSK at my own discretion.

Participation in any physical activity or experience through NYSK will be solely at my discretion.

Therefore, I fully release and discharge NYSK, its officers and staff from all liability in connection with my participation in this program as well as any consequences that may result thereafter.






送信ありがとうございました / Thank you for your submission

送信ありがとうございました / Thank you for your submission

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